What is Industrial equipment?

Industrial equipment means machines and tools which are used to manufacture other products or perform other processes and which usually depend upon significant mechanical power or electrical power. It is used to cut, bore, grind, shear, move and transport material from one location to another. This may include parts of a machine such as gears and engine. The equipment includes those machines that are specially designed for special purpose use.

Industrial equipment is the term used to describe machinery and other mechanical devices that are used in the manufacturing process to produce goods for consumption. These machines can be extremely complex and often include sensors, controls and other integrated components. Industrial equipment plays a major role in how quickly and efficiently a factory can produce its products, and it usually plays an integral part in product quality. Industrial machinery and equipment is a term that encompasses machinery and equipment used by production and manufacturing facilities. This includes both mechanical and electrical machines and devices, industrial systems and basic design principles.

Industrial machinery and equipment (except construction, mining and agricultural machinery, bulldozers and cranes) means all machinery and equipment (excluding computers, office machinery, tools of the trade or work machines, furniture and fixtures) designed for use in preparing, producing, handling, storing or transporting material, goods or products;

Industrial machinery and equipment constitutes a range of mechanical, electrical and electronic devices designed to assist in manufacturing operations. Typical machines contain a variety of tools that can be used for a wide variety of tasks including cutting, shaping and forming products. They are often capable of high precision due to their ability to produce the same steps over and over again. Examples of Industrial machinery and equipment are air conditioning and refrigeration equipment, excavating machinery, farm machinery, manufacturing equipment and material handling equipment. A manufacturer or industrial facility needs to rely on their machinery and equipment to be always up and running. We have whatever you need. We carry the major brands of industrial equipment.

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