About Canada

Throughout Canada, the welcoming, friendly people will make you feel at home. Canadian culture has been shaped by immigration from Europe, the United States and Asia and Indigenous peoples of North America. Canada’s official language is English, while French is spoken in Quebec and New Brunswick. Visitors to Canada will find a country rich in history and natural beauty, with an abundance of government services for its citizens.

Canada is a land of vast lakes, windswept coasts and rugged mountains. Canada has a diverse landscape, with forest on its eastern plains, Great Lakes in the west, and Pacific Ocean coastline on the west coast. Canada is one of the world’s most developed nations and has the fifteenth-largest economy in the world. It is a federal parliamentary democracy and a constitutional monarchy, with Queen Elizabeth II being head of state. The country is officially bilingual at the federal level. One of its two official languages is French, which is mostly spoken in New Brunswick and Quebec (though there are large Francophone populations in other parts of the country as well). The other official language is English, which is predominant everywhere else.

From rugged coastlines and mountain lakes to rolling prairies dense with grain and vast forests stretching for thousands of miles, Canada offers an unforgettable mix of terrain, wildlife, and people. Exploring every corner will demand a lifetime. The possibilities are infinite — from the sparkling openness of the Canadian Shield to the towering splendour of the Rockies.

Discover a new perspective on Canada as it comes to life before your eyes. The stunning landscapes of Alberta, from secluded rivers to towering mountains, and sparkling waterscapes across the country come to life in this magical book. Get to know the Canadian people too; with stories about their unique traditions and personal perspectives as Canadians.

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