Everything about tattoo

Meaning of tattoo is drawing something by using special tools like needles to insert ink under your skin. Tattoo is not an English word, but it’s a “Tahini” word from Polynesian islands because of the indigenous tattoos of this island and the correct spell of this word is “tatu”.

In the past, for tattoo the skin was cut and ink was applied on the wound. But today with the advancement of technology, we are witnessed of development of tattoo machines and to this purpose, a device is used that insert needles 150 times per minute under your skin and accelerates this process.

Synthetic paints often made of carbon or titanium dioxide and the use as ink for tattoo. Carbon is used for black and brown tattoos and titanium dioxide is used for colored tattoos. Tattoo ink generally consists of two main components: pigment of the tattoo and solution that pigment is dissolved and make it easy to apply it on skin. This solution could be water or alcohol.

How to get a body tattoo?

The most important part of tattoo is the tool and you should learn enough about it and know how to adjust it before anything else.

Coil or magnet machine is one of the most widely used tattoo machines, which is most use for lining and line drawing. This machine does not have a variety of difference or brands, so it has the same setting and standards everywhere.

Rotary machines are used more for shading, have less power, less noise, less weight and less pain. And its normal to have higher price than coil machines.

Tattoo has a long history even back to the Neolithic or Late stone age. They scraped their skin with sharp object and insert ink into it. We have some of the tattoo methods in following:

Japanese tattoos

The device that designed in Japanese methods includes a bamboo stick for the handle and a number of needles on its head. The stick that used must be smooth and round to make it easier for tattoo artist to work. The number of needles is changeable when you need to make fine or large lines or different angles or how much depth you want into the skin for special skills.

Rake and striking stick

This method is one of the oldest that known the world. Although this technique is disappeared in most countries, it is still practice in some countries like Pacific, Papua, New Guinea and Samoa.

The quality of this method’s tool is made of bone and when tattooed, tattoo artist carefully pulls the skin; or in some cases another person does it.

But as you know, there is a potential danger of traditional tattoos have a variety of old – fashioned tattoo technique. These methods are usually done at home and this can be dangerous for you. Of course, there are some tattoo artists who do the old fashioned way of tattooing in addition to their work. However, if you still want to have one make sure that tools and equipment is sterile.

What are the dangerous reactions to tattoo?

Allergic reactions are most common reaction to tattoos. But allergic reactions can cause to anything external, so some part of it is a normal reaction of your body. But you should consider in case of redness and excessive swelling, you should visit a doctor. Sometimes the ink can cause suffering from skin diseases. The stain methods often use dyes that use heavy metals like titanium and lead. If the ink for tattoos is somehow gone spoiled, it can lead to skin diseases.

The food and drug administration of USA urges all people to thin before they get tattoos. They say that in society, having tattoos are become part of fashion and it’s not safe completely. They received many reports of tattoo problems, such as infections and allergic sensitives.

How much pain we tolerate?

Today’s tattoo tools work so fast which make the design smoother and faster for tattoo artist and the client feels less pain for shorter time. But is traditional way this time much past longer so you suffer from much more pain too. Also the swelling caused by traditional method is more.

People describe the pain of tattooing something like a cat’s paw on sunburn skin, and many others it as just little burn; because each person’s pain tolerance threshold is different. Some people use anesthetic ointments before getting a tattoo. Drinking alcohol is also very common, but problem of using ointments and drinking alcohol is that the ink does not absorb well into the skin. This can allow you to spend more time repairing your tattoo and spending more money as well. You can drink water from one or two days before tattooing to hydrate you skin and make tattoo process less painful.

All kind of tattoo

Tattoos are divided into two different methods: permanent and temporary

Skin is the largest organ of body, and it consisting of several layers. The outer surface of the skin is called the epidermis and the second surface is called the dermis. There are fat cells in the skin that protect the body. Tattoo ink enters and remains in this area. Because the lower surface of skin has many nerve cells, a pain sent to brain and person suffer from pain when gets a tattoo. They reason for placing the ink in this area is that park dose not repair itself like the surface and the main body pigments are remain there.

In permanent method ink sent into the second layer of skin called the dermis layer with special tattoo machines. In this layer of skin some ink will excreted by the immune system of body, but most of it stays with the person for a lifetime.

Temporary tattoos unlike permanent tattoos have variety of methods, some of them which will be mentioned:

The oldest way to do this is drawing by using “Hanna”. From ancient Egypt and then India and now, Hanna has been used as a material for dyeing and tattooing.

The next method is using “Jagua”. Jaqua is a dark substance coming from a tree named Jenpia. They use this as ink to draw on skin as tattoo and it has a very good durability.

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